Taking Necessary Steps To Protect Your Business Reputation From Online Defamation

Taking Necessary Steps To Protect Your Business Reputation From Online Defamation

Reputation is very important in building your business and its downfall is capable to completely destroy your business. Therefore having a good reputation for you business is very important. Nowadays, consumers can decide about any business by reading posted reviews on many websites.

For example, a bad online publicity related to a local restaurant with just one or two stars is disaster for their bottom line.  For any business to flourish it is important to protect its online defamation.

Things to do for preventing online defamation:

  • You can build up your reputation by making Google your lead for advertisement. Write blogs, start sponsoring events, make videos for promoting your business which will be helpful in minimizing any negative comments on any other internet based medium.
  • Include a complaint area on your website, so that your customers can get in touch with you and give you feedback as well as also share their concern. If your customers post one complaint on twitter of Facebook then get in touch with them. Make them realize the best way to solve their issues is through company approved method instead of social networking website.
  • Always collect feedback from your customer immediately after the sale and follow up following the purchase. To build a good reputation, it is necessary to offer remarkable customer services.

If possible take help of defamation removal law in case of crisis, so that if there is a negative post on online forum or other sites you don’t damage your business reputation. The tempers are running high and consumers active on online websites can escalate the issue, which can go out of control. So maintain calmness and respond.

What Actions a Revenge Porn Victim Need to Take?

What Actions a Revenge Porn Victim Need to Take?

In this digital era, when romance goes sour your private anguish turns into a dreadful public scenario, when a revengeful ex-boyfriend decides to post undesired photos and videos online. Even malicious minded hackers are liable. They break in your emails or mobiles and publish intimate matter.

Revenge porn means sharing intimate and personal videos and photos without the subject’s approval. The victims look like porn star which does not mean the jealous lovers act gets excused. Women are major target of revenge porn. Today, every phone users own a device with camera and internet access. They are not aware that the spur of the moment decision can cause devastating consequence. The victims feel totally helpless in these conditions.

What revenge porn victims need to do?

Keep calm

The feeling of panic will not make you think clearly. Be calm because your first response is crucial.

Do you wish to inform the law enforcement?

Revenge porn act can include lots of criminal offences just like any other possible crimes. So, it is good to inform police as early as possible. If your kid is the victim below 16 then involve the law enforcement. This situation may be very traumatic for your kid. It also may impact their future significantly.

Don’t jump to conclusions but stay calm for their sake, in case, you are the kid and a victim experiencing this situation then tell your parents or a trustable adult.

Is it sensible to contact responsible person?

When you are in rage the temptation to call the responsible person and demand to remove the explicit material gets escalated. It is imprudent, especially in immediate terms.

The person who has taken this kind of nuclear option has actually breached your privacy and trust in this way. They feel rejected and look for reaction, therefore avoid satisfying them.

Therefore, before you respond to them before going to the police or seeking legal advice then this can influence a future civil claim or prosecution against them. Later on, they may come to their senses and regret this decision but it is beyond their power to remove the material, depending on the website they published.

In some circumstances, it is practical to call the person in question. For example, a friend posts intimate pictures on social site as an inappropriate joke.

Avoid telling it to everyone

The temptation to tell everyone about this situation is high because you desire to shame the responsible person or find who is responsible or it may feel healing to share this distressful feeling with others. Resist this urge because it can undermine potential civil claim in future. Share this burden with a couple of trustworthy near ones and make sure the matter is kept confidential.

You can read more about how revenge porn victims can handle the situation on http://www.clevelandjewishnews.com/features/special_sections/local_lawyers_super_attorneys/privacy-issues-when-posting-publicly-should-be-a-concern/article_b8c76c34-e3d6-11e6-9a49-639b03e251c6.html

Revenge porn is a type of sexual violence and the advocates specializing in this area will instantly offer legal remedies like –

  • Remove the illegal explicit content from the internet
  • Indentify the perpetrator
  • Bring a restraining order
  • Sue the sources, who distributes such offensive material for monetary damages
  • Contact police to file a criminal activity
  • Create a plan to remove damaging material from search engines, monitor and enhance online repute

Take action before explicit material goes viral!

Why Divorce Attorneys Are Important

Why Divorce Attorneys Are Important

A new marriage can be a happy time for a couple, but it’s not uncommon for two people to grow apart in the ensuing years. While many families are able to stand the test of time, the various trials of life can sometimes wedge a gap between two people that can’t be repaired. If you and your spouse have come to the decision that dissolution of the union is the best course of action, it’s important to get help from a professional advisor before proceeding. Here are four reasons why you’ll want to have the best divorce attorney in Atlanta, Ga., when it’s time to prepare your case.

You Don’t Know the Law

While it’s certainly possible to represent yourself in a divorce case, you’ll be putting yourself at a significant disadvantage if your spouse has retained counsel. To the uninitiated, the laws regarding dissolution of a marriage can be quite complicated, and a legal misstep could end up costing you dearly if the opposing attorney takes advantage of the situation. By working with a lawyer, you’ll have a trusted advocate who knows every facet of the law.

Proper Paperwork Is Key

Any legal proceeding has the potential of producing mountains of paperwork, and you must make sure that every form is completed and filed properly. When a trial rolls around, you’ll want to present evidence to the judge, and it might not be admissible if it didn’t properly pass through the appropriate channels. Lawyers are used to wading through a paper trail, and can even find ways to use it as an advantage. When you work with the best divorce attorney in Atlanta, Ga., you’ll have an entire staff at your disposal to ensure that deadlines are met, blanks are properly filled in and procedures are followed.

Rational Advice During Emotional Times

An amicable separation is possible for some couples, but it’s far more common for emotions to enter the equation. When people put years into building a relationship, it’s not unusual for each side to assign blame to the other party for the broken union. During trying times, it can be helpful to have an impartial advocate who can help you act in a rational manner instead of lashing out and hurting your chances for a favorable outcome.

Keep Focused

When going through this difficult process, you might be tempted to focus on punishing your ex-spouse for the transgressions that precipitated the separation, but it’s important to keep the big picture in focus. If you have a child, your first priority should be a solution that maximizes your son or daughter’s well-being, as he or she doesn’t need to suffer collateral damage from your dispute.  The best divorce attorney in Atlanta will be able to keep things on track and make the proceedings move as smoothly as possible.

Your Best Interests in Mind

Now that you know more about the assistance available from the best divorce attorney in Atlanta, Ga., you’ll be better prepared to endure this difficult ordeal if the situation arises. By having a trusted advocate working on your behalf, you’ll maximize your chances for a positive solution.