How Ready-to-use Templates and Themes Affect Your Website’s SEO And Ranking?

Content Management System like WordPress has made it easy to create website for non-technical users. Today, every second 5 to 10 websites are created with no or little coding knowledge. Along with plenty of opportunities there are several issues.

After installation, people desire to customize their new website, which is not difficult as plethora of ready-to-use templates and themes are available. The question that disturbs your mind is will the theme influence your overall SE optimization and search engine rankings.

Many users think only about making their website look visually appealing and totally ignore the technical factor. In addition, every template carries a phrase, ‘SEO optimized’. This misleads many users to think that this will resolve search engine optimization problems for them. Soon they get an answer than their website theme certainly impacts their search engine optimization.

Understand the technical aspects prior purchasing a theme

To obtain best results, it is necessary to optimize the site but theme helps to resolve an issue from the start.

Why and how templates or themes affect search engine optimization?

A couple of decades ago search engine optimization was extremely easy. Insert a dozen of keywords in the text and you are all set. In addition, build some links and you will certainly rank. In current scenario, multiple ranking factors are developed. Plenty of people started to abuse search engine optimization old techniques, so to improve users experience search engines algorithm got strict.

Design, themes and templates contribute a lot to website’s structure. They even affect the loading speed. All these things need to be in synch or you will possibly rank low, even with interesting content.

Ugly design frightens the user away

Overloading of design elements can frustrate the reader, so find a balance between content & graphic placement, looks, and user experience. Always keep yourself in the shoes of target audience and design the website.

For example, if you create fat design websites then it can actually confuse users, as they have no inkling, where to really click. It can affect your ranking and overall revenue.

Slow speed irks the users

Websites that take more than 3 seconds lose 50% visitors to their competitors. It reduces your bounce rate, which decreases your bottom line. To keep site visitors satisfied choose theme that allows website to load speedily.

Bad structure perplexes search engines

Crawlers see the code in the background and not the visual structure. If code is not structured properly or HTML tags are not positioned correctly then search engines don’t understand your website, which is not good.

Structure is also nearly connected with speed. Code prioritizes the load of visible content. Content means text ‘above the fold’. If your site loads speedily but certain elements from the bottom load faster than the ones on top then search crawlers identify it and regard it as bad practice

What exactly makes theme search engine friendly?

  • HTML Markup
  • Speed and page size
  • Responsive design and graphics
  • Structured data
  • Content prioritization
  • API hooks

It is obvious that themes affect website design and search engine optimization. If theme is not correct then your website will not load fast then users will leave within 3 seconds. This in turn will increase your bounce rate that is noticed by search engines. Thus, your entire campaign can get sabotaged in the due course. Therefore, make sure to search an appropriate theme for your new website.

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