Which Carousel Storage System Is Ideal for You?










Many different storage and retrieval systems exist to help companies deliver products to customers in the most efficient way possible, but only one of them is ideal for you. The efficiency of your storage and retrieval process may be limited by factors such as space, manpower, or finances. Installing a new storage system is no simple task, especially if you have to replace an old one, but since it’s one of the most important aspects of your company, it may be a necessary change. This is why sometimes a third party will be brought it to assess the capabilities of a particular company and recommend the best warehouse carousel storage systems for their business.

High-Speed Orders and Delivery

If your company takes pride in high delivery speeds, then you’ll want a storage system that can bring products to your workers in the fastest way possible. In this case, experts recommend using horizontal storage carousels, or vertical lift modules. A vertical lift module (VLM) is a fully automated storage and delivery system that uses a shuttle device to deliver products from anywhere in the warehouse directly to the operator, even from different floors. However, this system is the most expensive option around, which may not fit into the budget of some small to mid-sized businesses. The other choice, horizontal storage carousels, is an ideal solution for warehouses that are limited in vertical space and happens to be the most affordable option of the three.

Maximizing Storage Space

While horizontal carousels are great for fast retrieval and delivery speeds, they take up a large amount of floor space. If your business doesn’t have the need for the fastest delivery methods, then you’ll probably want to maximize storage space. The best way to do is to build up instead of out. Assuming that you have enough vertical space in your warehouse, using vertical storage carousels can help you save up to 90% of floor space. This can have a significant impact on your expenses, since far more products can be stored in your warehouse.

Getting Expert Advice

You could be trying to redesign your existing warehouse retrieval and delivery system or looking at new space altogether. Your goals could be increased delivery speeds, improved storage capacity, or both. In either case, finding the best solution for your demands takes careful calculations. While you could do this yourself, consider the consequences of making a mistake. If you want to play it safe, calling a pro and asking them about warehouse carousel storage systems would be the way to go.

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