Do You Want to Clear Your Driving Test in First Attempt? Some Tips











If you want to clear your driving test, you need to give correct answers for 43 out of 50 questions that are asked in the paper. Besides that, you need to score 44 in hazard test out of 70. Do you think it is tough to clear? All the questions that are asked in the theory papers are with three multiple choices and if you are prepared then it is not difficult to clear. You have got 57 minutes to clear the written test and for hazard test 14 clips of 1 minute each.

If you are still tense about the driving test we are giving you few common mistakes that most of the candidates like you do while appearing the test and following are the tips to avoid them.

  • Multiple choice test

During the driving theory test NI online while choosing your answer for multiple choice questions, you are free to change your answer, if you notice that you have selected wrong answer for any question. You can also leave the question during first look if you are not too sure about the answer.

You can attempt them when you are a bit cooled down. Sometimes due to tension, you may not think about the right answer. However, once you settle down after answering few questions your mind is relaxed. To do well in such test, you must practice old papers which can make you more confident.

  • Document related questions

Most of the candidates often get confused about what documents one need to have as a regular driver. This question can be asked in different manner to confuse the candidate. Therefore, you must ask your instructor and make sure how you need to answer such question.

  • Road sign related question

Road signs are another area where most of the candidates end up choosing wrong answers. If a person has not driven his vehicle enough on the road then he may get confused. Therefore, take some extra time to learn about different signs and keep your mind clear from any confusion.

  • Overtaking related question

Any question about how to overtake any other moving car also creates confusion in the mind of new learners.

  • Hazard perception test

In this section, the examiners are going to assess you how clearly you notice various hazards ahead of you while you are driving. There will be clip of 1 minute and 14 such clips will be shown to you. For each clip there will be one hazard while some of the clip may have two hazards.

Here it will depend how quickly you react. Here the system is quite clever so avoid clicking multiple number of times then you will fail the test.

Here you need to keep your mind calm. With nervous mind you may miss the hazard. There is three-minute gap between each clip and therefore you must breathe easily to keep your mind calm. Keep yourself focussed so that you may not miss any potential hazard. You can practice such hazard test online before appearing for test.

Finally, you must read books on driving and test yourself by talking to your family and friends.

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