Is Directory Submissions Still a Worthwhile SEO Strategy

Learning about the advantages of an online promotional strategy is the first step before implementing it in your business. There are several different types of SEO strategies, one of them is directory submissions. Right implementation of directory submission SEO strategy is critical in maximizing the results from it.

So, before submitting your business website to the best rated web directories, it is important that one understands the actual features and benefits of this SEO strategy in depth.

Increased online exposure

Online web directories have the potential to easily attract several visitors on a daily basis. When you list your website in top directories, then your website gets the desired online exposure and visibility. The more familiar a website is, easier it will be to influence its target customers in carrying out buying decision. This is another benefit to submit website to directories.

Highly targeted traffic

On submitting website to directories, they are indexed in popular search engines. This requires that the website owner chooses the right keywords for the submissions. This will help your directory listings to list in the rankings of search engine. With this method, your business is sure to get highly targeted traffic even if the website fails to get top ranks in the search engine.

Backlink building

Creation of backlinks is one of the biggest benefits one can get through directory submission. It aids a website to get indexed on common search engines and improves link building on it. The more number of directories to which your website gets listed, the higher is the possibility to get top ranks on search engine results page.

It is important to submit your website to only well-established and trusted web directories. This is useful in improving display and ranking display on the search engines. It also ensures that the links on your website are originating from reliable and trusted community. This helps in building a positive image of your business on viewer’s mindset.

Easy indexing of website in popular search engines

In the process of backlink generation SEO, a website user can submit his website to get listed on a highly recognized and established web directory. This will assist the user in indexing his website in key search engines. As reputed web directories are high traffic regions, they are crawled frequently by search engine spiders. This gives the website an advantage of indexing and higher rankings on search engine results page.

How to implement directory submission SEO strategy?

The directory submission is the easiest process of search engine optimization. All you need is to enter the URL of your website, description, and keywords. There are some SEO guidelines that will help you learn the rules to list your website to the directories and make maximum benefit out of the method.


Directory submissions are one of the best SEO strategies that offer a series of benefits to its users. It is the most effective way to build high quality backlinks for your business website. All these above benefits make this strategy to increase online visibility and exposure of your website significantly.

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