Learn Some of The Best Augmented Reality Trends Of 2017

Many of the industry top analysts have already predicted AR to be the future of gaming industry. 2017 will be the year where we can see some of the best AR trends. This will assist in enhancing the user’s productivity, especially at the workplace. HoloMaps is one of the most popular applications whose adoption will show the way in which future computation equates to day to day life!

What is AR technology?

Augmented reality works on recognition algorithms that enhance audio, graphics, video, and other sensory inputs on real-time objects. It uses the camera of the device to render real-world information and display it in an interactive form.

Expansion of mobile experiences

Mobile experiences are expected to become highly popular in the coming years. It has been noticed that augmented reality has the potential to activate users in real-world circumstances via providing a mobile experience.

In Retail sector

Augmented reality provides shoppers with a facility to experience a product before purchasing it. This helps a lot in making an efficient buying decision. It has been forecasted that with the help of this functionality there can be seen an increase in 40 percent of shoppers.

People are even ready to pay a little more for their product if they get the opportunity to experience their product via augmented reality before actually buying it. Thus, AR technology is seen to create timely and engaging experiences throughout the entire journey of the buyer.

Mobile shopping

This is one of the biggest augmented reality trends that is anticipated in 2017. AR is always estimated that it will change the mindset of people and their perspective towards real world things. It is also a powerful technology to bring revolution in the manner one shops online. With the quick advancement of innovation in the e-commerce industry, augmented reality brings a remarkable physical presence to e-shopping.

As per the mobile commerce study that was conducted last year, it was observed that mobile shoppers surpass shoppers that use desktop devices. Shopping via mobile constitutes to 61% of the entire online traffic. Augmented reality is a present age innovation that has been offering real benefits for shoppers and retailers and will continue to do so in future too.

New capabilities and features in gaming

VR based games need specifically designed VR headsets whereas augmented reality systems work best on commonly used devices such as tablets, smartphones, and other portable gaming systems. Most of such advanced AR games makes an environment from the surroundings of the user.

Augmented reality has come up with numerous new additions and enhancement between hardware and software. In the year 2017, one can expect AR technology to flourish among the conventional online audience. There are also many other new experiences projected to govern several industries.


Thus, there are several possibilities the way AR technology will be used in different areas of everyday life. The future of augmented reality technology is most probably to merge and present users with the quick and effortless transition between fully virtual reality environment to an exciting AR experience.

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