Consider these things when preparing to write a research paper

A research paper is a detailed project written based on the findings of research conducted by the author.

Research projects and writing are part of most higher learning programs where students are required to carry out research on a given topic and table their findings in writing. With the standards instructors set for thestudent, most learners tend to get anxious wanting to give in the best quality research papers in their class. The good thing with being a student though is that learning is what is of importance and once you are finished with your paper you feel more confident in the subject of your research.

Honestly, writing a research paper can bean excellent learning experience and even rewarding where good feedback is given.

So if you want to write a rewarding research paper, here are a few things to consider;

  • By definition, a research paper is anacademic piece of writing that consists of content which is often your interpretation and evaluation of findings based on Research writing is not any summary of a topic written based on content cited from primary or secondary sources. For a research paper, one must study, analyze and interpret findings in a formal piece of writing. You must give a conclusion as well as set out the thought process with which you arrived at those results. All these needs to be done in a concise manner.
  • A research essay can either be argumentative or analytical. An argumentative research takes one side of the argument which an author feels is more appropriate. Your take makes the thesis statement in an argumentative researchwhereby you build your case based on what you feel is more logical to the subject matter.

An analytical research, on the other hand, forms the essay question. It allows you to be neutral and explore both sides of the argument.

  • For research writing, choosing a topic is also important. While sometimes you can choose from a list of suggested topics, you may also be allowed to choose a research topic of your own.Selectinga topic requires you to research extensively on the subject matter. You need to have some interest in the particular topic you choose and decide on considering the possibilities of exploring it to extents that haven’t been explored You need to bring new ideas and arguments to your write up.
  • A practical research must be target oriented. When writing your paper, you must be clear on who you’re targeting. What is our target audience and why? These are questions you should be able to answer as you set out to work on your paper.
  • It is often recommended that students draft an outline of their research to avoid deviating from the topic of discussion. This will also help to present your ideas and arguments consistently and logically.
  • Do not plagiarize work. Plagiarized research content may give you a zero grade. Just try your best to work on your research content from scratch and present it in writing in your words. If must use content from another source, always make references. Don’t copy paste.

While there are many other things to keep in mind when writing a research paper, the above tips should be able to guide you to write a brilliant and informative paper. If you need help with researchpaper writing, visit

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