Help Your Employees Grow with Performance Management Software

A company is only as good as its employees. In today’s business world, helping your staff instead of hindering it is the preferred management method. Nobody wants a taskmaster for a boss – even you – and you cannot hope to get the best out of your subordinates if you don’t give them the tools to succeed. Don’t be “that manager.” Use performance management software to work with your employees instead of against them.



Your employees will fail right away if they do not know what you expect of them, so the first step in employee performance management is letting them know your expectations. Utilize software that will allow you to write a detailed job description for each staff member, and then print each employee out a copy of his or her duties. Be clear. Make certain they understand by reading it exactly what it is you expect them to do daily.


Keep a record of feedback in your performance management software so you know where your employees are failing and where they are succeeding. Make certain to be clear and professional in the feedback, not insulting. You want the comments to help them improve, not bring them down. Do this throughout the year so you have an accurate picture of each employee’s overall job performance. Make sure to include the good stuff, as everyone needs kudos.

Performance Reviews

The job description and feedback for each staff member will help you write your annual performance reviews. Many bosses struggle with this part of employee performance management, but if you are clear on the job expectations and note how each subordinate is meeting those expecations, you should have no trouble writing a concise and helpful review. Go over the review with each employee. Take the time to address any concerns and make certain to highlight some good stuff.

Goal Setting

During the review, set some goals with each staff member for areas of improvement. Ask them what you can do to help them improve in the places where they struggled. Notate the assistance needed in the performance management software, and then take the steps to follow through with that help. Also, take plenty of time to praise your employees on the areas they excelled, and then ask them what their goals are. Set those goals as well and discuss ways to help them achieve them.

Be Open to Discussion All Year Round

Should an employee approach you prior to review time, be open to discuss performance with him or her. This helps them ensure they are on track toward a positive review. In fact, some managers hold reviews bi-annually or quarterly so their employees can quickly address any issues and continue to excel in their job performance. This is an approach worth discussing with your employees. You might find them open to a more frequent review cycle to ensure they’re on track.

Comprehensive software can help you with your employee performance management. Work with a professional software designer to get your hands on a product that will make your managing life easier and your employee’s ability to thrive in their work better. You’ll both benefit.

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