Let Your Business Offer The Best Customer Support Service With CTI Technology!

CTI stands for Computer Telephony Integration and is even referred to as Computer Telephony in simple terms. It is basically the use of computers in managing telephone calls. This term mostly describes the computerized services of the call centers like the ones that direct the phone calls to right department at a business you are calling.

Many times, it is even described as the ability of using personal computer to manage or initiate phone calls. In simple words, it is an advanced concept of technology that allows the computers and telephones to interact together. CTI is mostly used by the call centers that handle a huge number of incoming calls. It increases overall efficiency giving optimal results.

Working of CTI

Salesforce integration software allows the call center executives or representatives to manage the phone calls right from their computers. Apart from just making or answering phone calls, it also allows the agents to apply data-driven approach with the customer needs.

With the awesome advanced controls and unified information available, the agents have the ability to have more meaningful and productive conversations. It allows them to reach to the solutions faster.

Some awesome abilities offered by CTI Applications

The functions offered by the Salesforce integration can be very beneficial for the agents to handle their calls. Some of the major functions and value added controls are listed below.

  • Caller Authentication

All the companies can use CTI to authenticate the callers. It is done by comparing phone number they call from the information available in company’s database. This can be very useful since the agents can answer the calls effectively without spending the time to repeat caller’s information again and again

  • Data recording

The agent can view all the caller data records including billing and personal information, history, recording, order history, etc together right on one dashboard. Having such information encapsulated in one place enables the agents to be efficient while handling calls and to offer more personalized service to clients.

  • Advanced phone controls

With the CTI software, no phones are required. The call center agents can directly use the advanced phone controls right from their computers. The controls may include putting the calls on hold, muting, transferring calls, etc.

It prevents the agent from traversing back and forth between call center software and the phone while handling the calls. In this way, they can focus their attention on the customer without any outside distraction.

  • Call Monitoring

This feature allows the management to monitor the calls. It gives them insight into how the employees are performing and how the customers are getting assistance. Monitoring function allows the coaches or the managers to listen to the call and even guide the agent.

These kinds of functions play an important role to understand the service level that the employees offer to the customers. This can lead to enhanced employee performance.

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